About Us

Rezki Marine Pte Ltd is established as a Cathodic Protection company in Singapore. Our expertise in the marine and oil & gas industry is to provide you with customized comprehensive design and engineering solutions for your marine growth prevention and cathodic protection requirements. Rezki Marine is capable of providing total cathodic protection solutions worldwide and are dedicated to ensure that your assets are protected!

We are specialized in Cathodic Protection System that uses:

  • Cathodic Protection
  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System (ICCP)
  • Anti Fouling / Marine Growth Prevention System
    (Marine Growth Prevention Systems)
  • Ultrasonic Marine Growth / Biofilm Prevention System
  • Chlorination

Our core competency is to provide you with our extensive technical knowledge on the systems for:

  • Technical Service Maintenance
  • Consultation on New Building / System retroffiting
  • Consultation on your existing ICCP/MGPS/Ultrasonic and Chlorination setup
  • Sales (Equipment & Spare Parts
  • Chlorination

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