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UltraClear - Next Generation Antifouling Technology

The very latest in the Ultrasonic product range is the UltraClear which has been specifically designed with larger yachts and superyachts in mind. Yachts moored in warm climates where fouling is more prolific can achieve significantly higher levels of anti-fouling protection all year round.

The UltraClear is the result of 3 years of research, development and comprehensive testing. This revolutionary new product combines our intelligent and unique ultrasonic software with our advanced digital control program (ADCP) which has the ability to deliver the precise level of ultrasound output to 3 or 4 trandsducers simultaneously while monitoring temperature, voltage and output loads.

The UltraClear takes a whole new level eradicating waterborne unicellular micro-organisms that otherwise would attach to create bio-film (slime) and algae growth. The ultrasound generator and control program of the UltraClear has been extensively developed to provide a higher concentration of ultrasound levels to prevent bio-fouling on the hull and sea chest systems.


✔ UltraClear simultaneously delivers output to 4 transducers.

✔ UltraClear uses a wide range of key frequencies between 20 - 140Khz.

✔ UltraClear uses high quality 50w multi-frequency mounted piezoelectric crystal transducers.


✔ The UltraClear unique program has been developed in a collaboration with engineers and marine biologists at some of Europe's leading universities.

✔ UltraClear is manufactured in Europe using high quality components.

✔ The UltraClear is available as a full custom designed system for hull and sea chest fouling protection


Control Unit

Input voltage: 24vdc (12v option available)

Frequency range: 20-140Khz

Dimensions: 250mm (w) x 160mm (h) x 92mm (d)

Power consumptions:
3 transducers - 2.5amps/hr (60W);
4 tranducers - 3.4amps/hr (80W)



50 Watt multi-frequency, IP68 waterproof

a) Standard face (mounting ring attachment);
b) Tapped face (bolt) attachment

Warranty: 5 years

Cable length: 8m (Standard)
Options: 10m; 15m and 20m.
Total permissible combined transducer cable length in system is 75m.


The UltraClear

UltraClear is unique, with advanced reprogrammable digital software controlling multiple frequencies which have been carefully designed to discourage or destroy the majority of fouling organisms at a unicellular level. The use of ultrasound is an innovative and advanced method for protecting your hull from fouling using low power, high frequency sound waves to destroy algae and prevent weed and barnacle growth.

How it works?

The UltraClear works by emitting specific and scientifically researched, low powered, pulsed ultrasonic frequencies from a digital control unit, via tranducers that are in direct contact with the inside of the hull. The hull acts as a sound board carrying the sound waves and creating a microscopic environment of moving water molecules over the entire underwater profile of the hull.

UltraClear has been designed engineered for easy installation and a high level of protection from fouling.

Spend more time on the water and less time rubbing down and painting - good for the environment, good for you, bad for the algae!

The UltraClear is the only ultrasonic system to have been independently tested and proven to be highly successful over several years

As a result, growth is prevented as the cell structures of the algae and other micro-organisms are targeted and cannot survive.


Maintain hull speed through the water during the season and enjoy the performance with faster passage times and greater manoeuvrability.

A fouled hull puts the engines under much more load and can use up to 20% more fuelt to push it through the water... a significant factor for motor boats!

You'll be doing your bit for the environment as there are no pollutants associated with this method of preventative antifouling. It is also completely harmless to humans, animals, fish and marine mammmals.

An ultrasonic antifouling system will soon pay for itself when you take into account fuel savings, reduced liftouts, hull maintenance and repainting costs.

With the UltraClear installed on your boat helping to maintain the hull speed and performance, the need to lift out and scrub the hull where it has become fouled when using only an antifouling paint, is dramatically reduced. Lifting out and having a hull scrub mid-season unnecessarily removes much of your good antifouling paint, so the hull is less protected for the future.

Extend the time before re-painting your hull using the UltraClear!

Why You Should Choose the UltraClear

1. Advanced digital software and transducer technology.
2. 15% more output
3. Highly cost-effective
4. Easy to install
5. No maintenance
6. 3 years warranty




The attachment of marine growth such as bio-film, barnacles and mussels leads to partial and complete blockages in the seawater cooling system. This has a dramatic effect on engine running temperatures, increasing fuel compensation.

Other critical on-board system vital to a yacht's effective and safe operation are also affected by a reduced flow of seawater. Removing blockages can be time consuming and expensive, especially where sections of pipe need removing for cleaning or replacement due to excessive corrosion caused by marine growth.


UltraClear has proven highly effective in preventing blockages in sea chest systems and seawater pipework. Using precise and scientifically proven frequencies, the UltraClear creates an enviroment of resonating sound waves that target the unicellular micro-organisms and bacteria that form bio-films on underwater surfaces.

Ultrasonic sound waves resonate in the sea chest and pipe walls disrupting barnacle and mussel larvae settlement. Instead of attaching themselves to the sea chests, strainers, manifolds and pipework on which ultrasonic transducers are installed, these organisms and larvae pass through to the discharge point. The environment created also causes mortality, preventing further development.

Without a Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS), sea chests and seawater pipes will very quickly be colonised by growth - creating partial or complete blockage of the seawater cooling system - significantly reducing the efficiency.


1. Prevents blockages and maintains the flow of seawater to essential on-board systems.

2. Reduces maintenance for cleaning of filters and pipes.

3. Completely maintenance free! Because we don't use anodes theres are no changeable parts.

4. Cost effective with transducers lasting more than 5 years.

5. Easy to install


Installation is clean, simple and can be undertaken without dry-docking the yatch. There is no need to drain down the sea chest or pipework and no drilling is necessary to install the transducers. Depending on the yacht's specific fouling issue, transducers can be installed on the following system components:

➤ Sea Chests
➤ Seawater intake pipes
➤ Filter/strainer units
➤ Manifolds
➤ Seawater pipes for engine cooling, air-conditioning and fire pumps.

UltraClear is suitable for steel, cupro-nickel, aluminium and GRP sea chests and pipework. Transducer brackets designed and engineered to suit the exact diameter of each pipe, filter and minfold unit are bonded directly onto the outer surface. These brackets maximise the ultrasound transmission from the flat transducer face onto the curved surface of the parts to be protected against bio-fouling.

The ultrasonic control unit simply mounts onto a bulkhead or control centre panel and connects to a power supply.

Recently, the application of this technology to sea chest systems and seawater pipes has proven extremely successful in maintaining a clear water flow to critical on-board systems. This reduces maintenance time - specifically for the cleaning of filters and pipes - freeing up time for engineers to devote to other tasks.

Other systems can be expensive to maintain and require new components on a regular basis. The UltraClear is maintenance-free and the transducers' advanced technology means they will be effective for more than 5 years.

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Sail boats, Powerboats & Catamarans

Sample system configurations

Sail boat up to 10m waterline (LWL)
Ultra 10 - Single transducer system


Powerboat 10m to 16m waterline (LWL)
Ultra 20 - Two transducer system


Catamaran up to 10m waterline (LWL)
Ultra 20 - Single transducer system

Suitable for every type of (non wood constructed) boat.

"Ultrasonic protection also helps to prevent growth on shafts, propellers, saildrives, sterndrives and trim tabs with careful positioning of transducers."

Superyacht and Custom Systems

The Ultra System can be put to equally effective use on superyatchs too and the technology has been successfully applied for sea chest protection against fouling with effective results.